Handleless kitchens are now popular and offer a sleek, clean appearance with sleek lines - "MatrixArt" is the name we chose to give to this kitchen range. Lighting the profiles with mood-inducing light produces a genuinely unique atmosphere while subtly emphasising their lines. purchase a new handleless Nolte kitchen with a minimum of 5 cabinets between 1.4.2022 and 1.12.2023 and receive complimentary vertical handle profile lighting if you also purchase the horizontal handle profiles with lighting.

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The Matrix900 and MatrixArt900: where storage space meets design. By choosing a Nolte kitchen with a 90 cm carcase height, you will receive the base units for the price of the regular carcase height 75 cm, which entitles you to 20% more storage space for free. Contact us at [email protected] to get more details.

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Today kitchens have become a place for communication and entertainment while cooking.

Here, more than everywhere else in the house, we most likely live more, and intensely. It's where we gather together, where we make happy memories as a couple, as a family, or as friends. In your kitchen, beneficial activities like cooking, eating, conversing, laughing, living, unwinding, and working take place. The kitchen also subtly establishes the pace of our day.

Good morning, good evening, and occasionally even good night cravings...
Because of this, we adore the kitchen.

Everybody's homes and lifestyles are placing an increasing amount of importance on their kitchens. By selecting a kitchen, you are also deciding to design a room where you and your loved ones would bond. Your kitchen must be practical, customized to meet your preferences, elegant to complement your aesthetic, unique to reflect your personality, and much more.