The "Facet" profile system won the 2023 Red Dot Award for Product Design. raumplus consistently raises the bar for product design: An international jury recognized the profile system »Facet« for its extraordinary excellence. The Red Dot Award is given by the jury to goods that exhibit exceptional design excellence and a high level of innovation. The polished edges of a precious stone served as inspiration for Berlin designer and architect Michael Hilgers as he developed the concept for "Facet."

The world premiere of "Facet" took place during Fuorisalone 2023 in Milan. There was the official public debut of the new raumplus profile system. "With ''Facet,'' we were thrilled with the opportunity to show yet again how cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing our intelligent personalized room solutions are! Facet joins our S1200 LED sliding door, the Sliding TV Door, and the Swing Door SlimLine room door in receiving accolades from reputable international organizations.

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“Perfect solution for every niche” - raumplus

raumplus is a family business that passionately manufactures sliding doors, room dividers, wardrobe systems, hinge doors, bi-fold doors, fixed panels, corner solution and dresser units, with the highest standards of quality and design. Every piece of furniture that leaves raumplus production is individual and made to measure. Whether it is a corner cupboard, sliding doors in a sloping ceiling, a walk-in wardrobe, sliding glass doors, room dividers, hinge or folding doors as a practical room solution in the kitchen. raumplus makes it possible!

At the core of raumplus are the ethical principles that have existed since the founding years and are lived as a fixed brand component in the company: Customer friendliness, diversity, uncompromising quality and competence.

– Carsten D. Bergmann, raumplus management –


A sliding door closet is a space-saving storage solution commonly found in homes and offices. Unlike traditional hinged doors, sliding doors glide horizontally along a track, allowing easy access to the contents of the closet without requiring extra floor space for door clearance. These closets often feature modern designs, providing a sleek and contemporary look while optimizing room functionality.

Sliding closet doors differ from hinged door closets in their space-efficient design. Unlike hinged doors that swing open, sliding doors glide horizontally on a track, saving floor space and offering a sleek, modern aesthetic. This innovation allows for easier access to the closet's contents without the need for additional clearance, making sliding door closets ideal for maximizing room functionality and contemporary design.

Sliding mirror closet doors combine practicality with style. They create an illusion of space, enhance natural light, and offer a full-length mirror for convenience. Their smooth sliding mechanism saves room compared to hinged doors, making them a functional and aesthetically pleasing choice for those seeking both functionality and a touch of elegance in their living spaces.

A mirror door closet is a functional and stylish storage solution that integrates a full-length mirror into its door design. These doors often slide open, maximizing space and providing a convenient reflective surface or, traditionally a hinged door. Mirror door closets are popular for their dual purpose, serving as both a practical storage unit and a space-enhancing, full-size mirror.

Planning a walk-in closet involves maximizing space and organization. Begin by assessing your storage needs, considering hanging space, shelving, and drawers. Measure the available area and create a layout, optimizing storage zones for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Choose efficient storage solutions, incorporate adequate lighting, and personalize with mirrors or seating for added functionality and style.

Éstheteak elevates walk-in closets to luxurious spaces with a diverse range of premium finishes, walk-in closet islands, and sophisticated interior systems. Offering an array of high-quality options, Éstheteak ensures a personalized and elegant storage solution, combining functionality with opulent design for those seeking a refined and stylish walk-in closet experience.

Éstheteak offers unparalleled customization for sliding door closets, allowing you to tailor every detail to your preferences. Choose from a diverse selection of materials for both interior systems and sliding door panels, including laminates, glass, and wood veneers. The door profiles come in various designs and finishes, and for a truly personalized touch, custom door panels are also available. With Éstheteak, create closets with sliding doors that perfectly reflects your unique style and storage needs.

Blending the elegance of sliding doors with the spacious functionality of a walk-in closet creates a harmonious storage solution. The sliding doors save space, providing a sleek and modern entrance to the walk-in haven. This combination ensures both style and practicality, offering easy access to well-organized and luxurious storage space within your home.

Installing a sliding door closet involves a few key steps. Begin by measuring and marking the placement for the track, ensuring its level. Mount the track securely, followed by attaching the rollers to the door. Install guides at the bottom to keep the doors aligned. Test the sliding motion and make any necessary adjustments. Complete the process by securing any additional hardware and enjoy your newly installed, space-saving sliding door closet.

Choosing the right color for a walk-in closet is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. Opt for light hues like whites, creams, or soft grays to create a bright and open feel. Darker tones can add a sense of luxury and intimacy. Consider your personal style and the desired ambiance, ensuring the selected color complements the overall design while enhancing the functionality of the space.