Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance: Tips for Enduring Beauty

Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

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A kitchen has several issues to deal with, including steam, frying oil, and foods that leave stains. Dust and cooking vapours have a very close relationship. For this reason, our furniture is shielded by premium, easily cleanable surfaces. But use caution! Along with acidic and silicone-based cleaning solutions, aggressive liquid detergents, scouring agents, polishes, wax, solvents, vinegar-based cleansers, and steam cleaners should all be avoided. Thiers made of synthetic resin or nitro-cellulose mixture can also harm equipment and breach warranties. To learn how to take care of your kitchen cabinets, worktops and fronts, continue reading.

Less is More

As a general rule, keep things simple. If you use any cleaning supplies at all, only use a thoroughly clean, soft cloth or sponge and a light liquid cleanser. Why is it important? No matter how well-sealed a surface is, dust and other small particles from previous cleaning might behave like sandpaper and pose harm to it. Wet your cleaning instrument somewhat but not completely. Bar handles and edges may get wet, which would make the wood swell.

It should be noted that the interior of cabinets might benefit from this straightforward cleaning technique just as much as handles. As usual, though, the exception proves the rule, so let’s take a closer look at each surface and its unique characteristics.

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Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance – Different Ways for Different Materials

Laminate Fronts

Cleaning may be rather simple: Laminate surfaces may be easily cleaned using warm water and a small amount of dishwashing soap. To achieve this, use a microfiber cloth. You can discover if your fabric is appropriate for the job by taking a quick glance at the packaging. Before using your cloth to wipe the fronts, make sure it is nice and moist. Commercial ethyl alcohol can be used to remove stubborn stains and grime. However, try it first in a discrete area.

Lacquered Laminates

Additionally, a dry towel should never be used to wipe laminate or lacquer fronts. As these are covered with a coating of lacquer, this covers surfaces made of genuine or UVlacquer, glass laminate or lacquer laminate, as well as our cement and metal fronts with original materials. The recommended cleaning products in this instance are designed specifically for kitchen countertops. It is never appropriate to use glass cleaners!

Wooden Fronts

Even though our hardwood fronts are likewise lacquered, they require less upkeep in terms of cleaning supplies. Regardless of whether the veneer or solid wood in your front is: It only takes a slightly moist towel. Wipe in the direction of the grain at all times, remove any dirt as soon as possible to prevent it from drying, and then wipe the fronts dry. By doing this, moisture is kept out of edges and profiles.

Glass Recesses And Glass Fronts

Regardless of how smooth or shiny your surface is: Just use a soft sponge or (leather) cloth and glass cleaner or neutral cleaner. Grease and oil stains can produce a shadow appearance on glass with a satin surface. Try a brand of less abrasive glass-ceramic cooktop cleaning if the glass cleaner is ineffective. It could also help to lightly press down on the glass while rubbing a damp dirt eraser over it.

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The laminate surface of our worktops is extremely robust. However, over time, cooking will leave its mark. Utilise a microfiber cloth, water, and dishwashing soap for cleaning. Stains that are difficult to remove can be gently pressed away with a dirt eraser or wet cleansed with specialised kitchen cleansers. But, you should always clean a bigger area in the same way while doing so. If not, the textured surface will be deeply affected by the eraser effect, making the cleaned surface more noticeable.

Care Sets Along The Safe Side

You don’t have the want to study every label on the goods at your neighbourhood store. Not a problem! NolteKüchen has created specialised cleaning and maintenance kits for front and worktops to make your life easier. You can always be certain that you are using the appropriate cleaning product when you use these sets. Your kitchen dealer is where you may get our sets. They come with clothes, a dirt eraser, and the best detergent for your surface.

Lasting Beauty In Your Kitchen

For additional guidance on maintaining the long-term beauty of your kitchen surfaces, consult the care and operating manual provided by the fitters during installation. It contains helpful information for daily use.

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